2014 New Orleans National Golf Tournament: Benefits Of Golfing

Attending the 2014 New Orleans National Golf Tournament was like a dream come true for me. It was the first ever event I have gone to, but I could still remember every professional golfer in attendance there. The only thing that dampened my mood at the time was the lack of interest that my friends and relatives showed when I asked them to come with me.

Now, in case your loved ones wonder what’s so good about this sport, you can tell them the following benefits of golf.

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1. It Is An Effective Stress Reliever

The primary advantage of playing golf is that it can make you forget how busy you are even for a short while. Your concentration is only on how hard you will swing the club so that the ball can fly at a great distance. At one point, it may feel as if your worries are speeding away with it too.

2. It Promotes Mental Alertness

When you are on the course, you can never be absent-minded. Since it is an open field, a ball can come from any direction, and you need to be able to know if one is coming your way. You also have to focus on your coordination; otherwise, your club might not hit the target at all. The level of alertness that you should exhibit while doing the sport can be useful for other aspects of your life too.

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3. It Allows You To Exercise

Some folks may not believe that golf can help you achieve your weight goals. One may say, “What’s rigorous about swinging a club?” While it may be true that doing it once won’t make you sweat, you possibly forget that the ball travels far after getting hit. Even with a caddy on your side, you still need to walk to where it is. Hence, you manage to exercise without realizing it.


Have you never tried playing golf before? You should start learning it now to get the same benefits mentioned above. Good luck!

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