Learn to Be A Pro From The 2016 San Francisco Golf Tournament of Champions


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The 2016 San Francisco Golf Tournament of Champions was a show of winners who truly deserved to become what they are now. The golfers were playing their best and displaying their own unique swings. Some of the recent champions from the PGA were also present and we couldn’t help but ask them what on earth they do to achieve that hole in one. Most, if not all of them, had similar answers, and we have gathered those tips and we list them here for you to learn. Who knows? You’ll be a pro like them.

Always Warm Up. Proper preparation and some solid skills will definitely add a few yards to your swing and stroke. Don’t skip the warm-up and use that new driver and golf ball right away. Get your body ready with some breathing, arm and leg exercises.

Make Sure You’re Properly Nourished. Experts say that when a golfer is 20% dehydrated, he loses about 10% of his ability to play power golf. That means you will lose more than five yards of your usual length capacity. A great player knows how vital proper hydration and nutrition are. So drink lots of water before, during, and after the game. Watch your calories. Take in the good calories from fiber, vitamins, and minerals and stay away from bad sugars.

Ask Help From A Coach. Although you know you’re a good golfer, sometimes it’s just not the same when you use that club. It’s because you may have the capacity and the possible talent, but you may need proper training for the skills to come through. Don’t frustrate yourself by doing it all alone and blaming yourself for not making it. Seek a golf coach that suits you according to the strokes that you want to perfect and the personality that you’re comfortable with.

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Rest And Recuperate. As an athlete, regardless of what kind of game you’re playing, it is a requirement to take care of your body and mind after a tournament or a big series. Rest is actually fuel to the soul and results in rejuvenation and recuperation. And when you do recuperate, you’ll feel twice stronger and twice livelier when you go another round.