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We may be still months away before 2018 ends, but there’s just so many things that are happening in the golf scene.   

Let us recap on some of the recent stories that made it to the headlines.  

PGA Tour On President Trump’s Florida Course

It’s interesting to note that the season-ender PGA Tour Latinoamerica-Shell Championship will take place at Trump National Doral in Miami.  The event will be played from November 29 to December 2.  The news was confirmed by Jack Warfield, the PGA Tour Latinoamerica President.

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In 2016, PGA Tour was taken out of Trump National Doral and moved to Mexico.  

The tournament will feature the top 60 from the Order of Merit of the tour. 

Laura Davies Tops Senior LPGA Championship 

Just recently, the English woman, Laura Davies, gained her second Senior LPGA Champion title on the senior major of the 2018 season with a 4-shot victory.   She birdied the 18th that made her set a new 54-hole tournament record.  

Davies said that winning the tournament (U.S. Senior Women’s Open) was a genuinely thrilling experience.  She even added that she never thought that she would win, and that’s what makes her earning a real victory.  

This is her second major title after winning the U.S. Senior Women’s Open last July that was organized by USGA.  She indeed triumphs the senior major championship this 2018.

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Tiger Woods Poor Performance Was Due To Fatigue

Tiger Woods lost the game at Le Golf National.  He blamed his poor performance on fatigue as he just returned from his fourth back surgery.  He had won his 80th PGA Tour (Tour Championship) the previous week, and the Ryder Cup was the fifth tourney he had in six weeks, having played in four FedEx Cup Playoff match.  

In an interview, Tiger said that he was tired because he was not able to train to play for this much-awaited tournament; not to mention, the heat, his feeling fatigued, and weight loss.  

Tiger indeed looks tired but did put forth effort playing in the Le Golf National.  

Restart A Heart Day 

Barry Duxbury, 78, hit his straight drive down Parley Golf Center in Bournemouth when he had cardiac arrest and collapsed.  

David Price, who was just behind him getting prepared to hit his drive, rushed up to help Barry.  Seeing Barry faced down on the ground along with their playing partner, he administered CPR.  Luckily, David had just completed a British Heart Foundation Heartstart course weeks earlier.  

Just 15 minutes after, the ambulance arrived and made sure that Barry is in the stabilized state.  

Since that incident, Barry slowed down on the course.  Now, he is swinging his club better, playing intelligently, and he donated a defibrillator to the club.  

This incident shows how important CPR is. British Heart Foundation then continue their campaign “Restart A Heart Day” on October 16, 2018, and is to teach 200 thousand people about CPR and how to carry it out to have the confidence to administer it when someone near suffers a cardiac arrest.  

Tiger Woods Is Back And Is Dominating The Headlines Once More

Tiger Woods and his legion of fans are indeed delighted and celebrating after he claimed his first win after five years at the Tour Championship last September 24.  He made it in the season finale with a two-shot victory.   He never thought he would be able to make it after having undergone eight surgeries, four to his left knee and four to his back.

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Woods is considered one of the top moneymaker athletes (individual sports) of all time, 16th highest paid in the world according to Forbes.  This 42-year-old golfer has a net worth of $740 million in 2016. 

Brooke Henderson Got Frustrated, Smashed Club In Half

During Women’s PGA Championship, Brooke Henderson messed the par-5 11th hole as she hit a chip which went long of the tunnel.  The incident got her frustrated that she smashed her club close to the caddie who almost got injured.  The result, she finished in the sixth place.  


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