Tips To Improve Your Slice (For Right-Handed Golfers)

Golfers will inevitably hit their slice shot.  The more they want to avoid to do so, the farther the ball wants to go right.  If you’re one of thosewho can’t stop the ball swerving to the right, it is time to fix your slice and get rid of your horrible golf shot forever.


But what is a slice? 

A slice shot is a curvature shot where your golf ball dramatically arches in flight from left to right when you’re a right-handed golfer.   You can do it intentionally, but frequently it is a result of a mishit.  The contour of your slice shot if you’re a right-hand golfer is very much different from that of a left-handed.  Your slice (if you’re right-handed) curves to the right while the left-hander curves to the left.  

What Brings About A Slice? 

A sliced shot can be due to the clubface coming in at impact with the ball in an open position.  It can be caused by swing issues or setup that makes a face to open.  Or it can also be due to the outside-to-inside golf swing that opens the face.  


How To Prevent A Slice Shot? 

Try the following remedy to make sure that a dreaded slice will not ruin your next golf game.  

  • Be sure not to grip the club with the face in the open position.  Set up making sure your clubface is square, not unless you intentionally wanted to hit your ball that curves right (in a slice or fade shot) or left (draw or hook).  
  • Avoid rotating the club open when making a backswing.  You can do backswing but stop once the club gets parallel to the ground.  Check if the toe of the club is pointing straight up (for it should be).  Remember if it points behind you, that means you have an open clubface. 


  • Be sure not to set up with an open stance that is your shoulders, hips, feet being aligned left of your target line.  Similar to your clubface, make your stance square.  
  • Be sure that you have a strong and firm grip in the neutral position (turn your hands to the left if you are a right-hander).  

You should permanently correct the position of your clubface and swing path if you want to get rid of that dreadful slice forever.  

Practice Your Backswings

Continue improving your backswings, keeping your left wrist perfectly flat.  Your flat wrist indicates a square clubface at the top.  As mentioned above, making your clubface square increases the chance of making a square impact.  

Enhancing The Link Between Your Brain And Your Left Hand

Majority of golfers are struggling with a slice, but not the left-handed players.  You may wonder if it’s true or why left-handed can do that.  

According to Brian Fitzgerald, popularly knowns as the “The Golf Doctor,” a left-handed golfer whose dominant hand is his right side will pull the club down.  When he pulled the club down, the clubface will point out to the left, which is open and is going to pass on a spin that goes right to the left, which is a slice.  


Fitzgerald realized that often his ball was always up against a tree.   So, what he did was practice every single week trying to hit some shots upside down with his club.  It was never easy, according to him, because he is right-handed.   

His tips for those struggling with the same situation is to 

  • Brush your teeth left handed.  
  • If you walk your dog, hold the lead in your left hand as you walk.  
  • Throw the ball using your left hand.  
  • Drink from the cup or glass left-handed.  
  • Grab your sandwich with your left hand.


According to him, the goal of doing these things is not to make your left hand stronger, but to improve the link between your brain and your left hand.  

It’s natural that if you’re a right-handed person, the link between your brain and your right hand is stronger compared to your left.  Practicing those things will make it easier to do a perfect slice when you get to the golf course.  

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