Top 5 Golf Courses In The World


For people who are crazy about golf, they always enjoy playing in spacious well-groomed golf courses where there’s a conventional country club to rest in after the game, a resto where they can talk with their friends about their best swing and a landscape that provides them comfort and edge to show off their favorite moves.

Below we have listed the top five favorite golf courses in the world. This is according to golf enthusiasts in various communities in America. This is also based on professional rankings and reviews gathered online.

5 Favorite Golf Courses In The World

  • Sebonack Golf Club (Southampton, NY)

The seniors of Southampton typically play at Shinnecock Hills because their memberships trace back from their great-grandfathers – the golf course has a rich historical background that they can relate to. However, a new generation of elite golfers has slowly penetrated Sebonack, despite the expensive membership fee of $650,000. This new golf club is located between Shinnecock Hills and the old National Golf Links of America. The quality of the holes and the rich greens are commensurate to the exclusive price. Members swear that you won’t be disappointed to join.


  • Augusta National (Augusta, GA)

For many years, Augusta National was considered one of the world’s leading golf courses ever since it sponsored the Masters Tournament in 1934. Besides its traditional architecture, the rules of the club have also remained traditional and somewhat discriminatory. It initially did not accept any African American members until 1990, and only accepted women members in 2012. Despite the continuing disapproval of its strict and biased regulations, it has earned its position at the top 5 because of its extraordinary course structure and a rich history of constant course renovations to keep the players eager to go back and play.

  • Royal County Down (North Ireland)

Consistently on the list of the most favorite golf courses is this one located in Northern Ireland. Journalists wrote that the Royal County is as beautiful as the Royal Portrush, although most Irish golfers swear that nothing really compares to it, considering the views of the spectacular seas and oceans and the worldwide popularity of its exquisite run of holes. Locals and tourists alike agree that it’s the best golf course to go to when visiting Ireland.

  • Madison Club (La Quinta, California)

Possibly the most luxurious and exclusive private golf course in the whole of California, the Madison Club is a reflection of class and modernity. Although not a public establishment, it is listed here because of its famed and sought-after amenities, the challenging levels of the course, and the number of professional golfers who swear by it. They say once you try playing at the Madison, you’d never want to play at any other course again.


  • Address Montgomerie (Dubai)

This Middle Eastern representative is definitely not the least on the list. The Address Montgomerie is nestled at the center of the elegant Emirates Hills, featuring an 18-hole golf course and a 5-star hotel. Both have been dubbed as among the world’s most popular destinations in the world. Golfers and non-golfers alike visit the golf course, as there are as much exciting amenities in the hotel as there are in the golf course itself. Do not miss visiting the Address Montgomerie when you come to Dubai.


There are more top-rated golf courses that have not been included here, only because we can’t fit it all in. We do hope you have enjoyed this brief article. What about you? What do you look for in a golf course? Do you have a favorite golf course and club? Let us know!

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