Team Building Through Golf


Every company regularly conducts team building activities. Some hire a consulting firm to organize their team building events to make it memorable and a source of motivation afterward. But it is usually suggested that you create and organize your team building activity rather than hiring a consulting firm. This is because no consulting firm knows the culture of your company and the personalities of your employees better than you do.

Various sports can be used as team-building activities. Some individuals feel that sports would not be enjoyable as team building because not everybody can be good at sports. However, golf can be a good team-building activity even for individuals who have not played it before.

Organizing A Team Building Activity Using Golf

In organizing golf as a team-building activity, you will need to choose a style of play, choose an excellent area to play, specify the rules and do something that will make the employees feel excited about the team building activity.


Typically, each team will be composed of individuals who have very different levels of experience and skill in golf. Some may have played a lot of golf, while others may not have played at all. In the office, the employees also have very different levels and sets of skills. This makes golf an excellent and appropriate team building activity. To take into consideration the team members’ varying levels of skill in golf, you could play a type of golf game called the Scramble or the Scramble Stroke. In this type of play, all members of the team would each hit a shot. The team then decides which shot was the best.

Also, team members would each hit a shot from the location of the best shot. And they again decide which shot was the best. They repeat this cycle until the golf ball enters the hole. The number of strokes each team makes is counted. The team with the lowest number of strokes wins. The Scramble or the Scramble Stroke lets each member of the team contribute. Contributing to the team effort is also what you want to foster in your office environment.

Choosing a good location to play golf as a team-building activity is essential. Unfortunately, non-golfers are often unwelcome in several golf courses. So do not conduct your team building activity at the nicest golf course you can find, such as at a country club. There are smaller private golf courses or municipal golf courses where they do not mind non-golfers playing.


It would be better to choose a golf course with only nine holes rather than one with eighteen holes. Finishing eighteen holes with several teams of many players would take too much time. The golf course should have golf clubs for rent available since some of your employees may not own their own set of golf clubs. It is also a good idea to choose a golf course that has a restaurant or a meeting room where you can give out awards.

They should have fewer rules so that the non-golfers will not have a hard time playing. Each team should have at least one golf player who knows the rules of playing golf as well as the proper etiquette on the golf course.

Using Awards As An Incentive

Awards can make team building activity more exciting and fun. All members of the winning team (as well as the teams in second place and third place) should have identical awards. You can also give awards to individuals such as the person with the longest drive. The golf pro of the course can assist in choosing the individuals to award. You can also give out fun awards, such as the individual wearing the most outlandish attire or the individual with the shortest drive.

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