How Technology Gets You Into The Greens (Future Of Golf)

Technology has gone a long way.  It has been growing fast, conquering even the field of sports, especially in the golfing world. Among the latest technology breakthroughs are virtual reality and augmented reality (ARVR) that allow fans to experience the course.  

Augmented Reality And Virtual RealityAugmented reality is the technology that tags on the digital component to a live scene with the use of the camera on your smartphone.  Virtual reality involves your total engagement, improving your experience and interaction with the use of computer-generated 3D duplication of the image or environment.  This is made possible with the use of a special device or gadget, like a helmet with a screen or gloves with sensors.


The U.S. Open Championship Uses ARVR For Fan Events 

The United States Golf Association (USGA) in partnership with Deloitte wants to bring something new to the golf community.  Deloitte and other companies helped and sponsored USGA to allow golf fans to experience how it is to be inside the course and play, like how professional golfers play their championship games.

In the 118th US open that was held last June 11 to 17 at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton, New York, fans were given the opportunity to be there inside the ropes.  With the ARVR technology, fans were allowed to be in the entertainment hub at Fan Central.  They were given a chance to experience how it was to stand in the fairway during the 1995 U.S. Open, when Corey Pavin won his championship, with the use of ARVR technology.  Fans loved it as they experienced playing the tournament as if they were actually there, lifting their hands in the air and doing that genius shot. 

Learn and Train Through Golf Simulation

The vGolf is a company that produces and sells virtual golf simulators.  The simulator lets you play golf virtually.  You can hit the ball onto a driving range or into a net by putting on a pair of augmented-reality glasses.  Don’t worry about how you will look, as the glasses are just a little bigger than those from Oakley, according to Tom Kudirka who is the founder vGolf in Omaha.

Play The Game

The Golf Club VR is a game released in 2014.  You can enjoy playing golf right in the comfort of your home.  You can choose the appropriate club you need for each situation.  You can plan the strategy you want in each hole with the yardage booklet that comes with the game and receive information from the golf watch each time you hit a shot.  You can also just simply explore the landscape and learn how to swing.  

The Negative Aspect

Technology may have conquered the world of golf, making the game more exciting and enjoyed by many.  But there is also a downside to this technology because not all can relate to it.  They cannot grasp what virtual reality is about.  There are those who still want to feel the physical aspect of it – smell the greens, feel the heat of the sun in their skin and the touch the wind that blows on their cheeks – as they explore the course and enjoy the game.


But we cannot discount the fact that there is endless potentiality when it comes to virtual reality.  You can explore the greens which are only inches away.  You can practice how to swing and work out your very own techniques to advance in your handicap.  Virtual reality can actually allow you to be in the champion’s shoes and make their moves.  

ARVR, golf simulation and even video games give golf enthusiasts a unique golfing experience.  These technologies have allowed them to enjoy the game far more than is expected.  They are allowed to think what shot will put their ball on the green as they feel the wind.   Can’t wait what more they can offer in the future.  

Companies developing these advanced technologies continue to work and improve their products from the recording and collecting of data to how they are rendered on the screens. Indeed, they have hit the ball making technology and golf meet.