What Golfers Look For In A Golf Course

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Are the expectations of golfers regarding the golf course practical and realistic? Since they see it on TV and have read in magazines about golf courses that are very green with lush grass and well-manicured lawns, golfers tend to believe that the golf courses they go to should also be just as pristine.Unfortunately, maintaining such natural standards in a golf course requires a considerable budget and intensive lawn management. This is often not feasible for many golf clubs. Not only is there a significant financial cost involved, but intensive lawn management can also lead to adverse environmental and social issues if such lawn management is not adequately implemented. This could lead to bad publicity for the golf club.

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With many golf clubs experiencing a decline in their membership, no golf club would want to endure bad publicity. There is a growing awareness of environmental issues among the general public. And legislation has become more stringent with regards to the environment. With such constraints, a limited budget would make intensive lawn management unsustainable or perhaps even impossible to implement.

There Are Several Reasons Why People Play Golf

Some people play golf to enjoy their free time and to have fun. Others play because they want to compete in tournaments, which is a good thing.

For some, they play the sport because they want to be challenged. Those who love to meet people join golf clubs because they want to socialize with others. And some play because they want to be immersed with Mother Nature.

A golf course should be able to meet these needs. It should provide a suitable level of play for the whole year. The playing surfaces should be consistent and fair. Also, the golf course should be challenging for an expert golfer, but at the same time, a beginner golfer should enjoy playing on the golf course as well. It should blend in with the local area’s natural landscape, and the course should provide excellent value concerning the cost of playing on the course versus the quality of conditions provided. The golf course management should also proactively and positively engage with the local community. And the business model should be sustainable for the golf course operator.

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The appearance of the golf course, such as the color of the grass and the characteristics of playing on it, will naturally change as the seasons and the weather conditions change. Golfers should be prepared for these changes. Part of the enjoyment and the challenge of playing golf comes from adjusting to the changing conditions of the golf course.

What is of prime importance in a golf course is fairness and consistency. The conditions that a golfer would encounter in the practice putting green should be the same conditions the golfer would meet in the eighteen greens of the golf course. The R&A states that playing conditions that are dry, fast, firm and true should be what golf clubs aim for because they are sustainable in the long term.

Such conditions provide a playing surface that is resilient and can be played on frequently. They also offer consistency, which rewards good shots. They lessen the need for chemicals and water. This reduces the impact on the environment. And because the cost of managing such conditions is lower, playing on the golf course can be more affordable.

Properly communicating this information to your golf course customers and your golf club members are essential to gain their support. You will have to encourage them to support a sustainable and environment-friendly golf course.

A Worthy Investment: 2014 Orlando Golf Industry Show

Golf, to some, is considered to be the game of the elites. Not everyone gets the chance to play such a prestigious sport. Attending the 2014 Orland Golf Industry Show made me realize how big of an investment it is. Regardless, your expected returns will be all worth it in the end. Here are two valuable lessons I’ve learned in investing in a golf course:

Convenience And Area

When looking for the perfect place to invest in a golf course, you should consider how accessible the area is. These properties should become one’s destination courses. To make sure this happens, it is a great idea to set it up near major transportation stops and routes. Making it easy to return to and allows for weekly and even daily visits from regular customers.

Also check the area for shops, recreational buildings, well-maintained homes and businesses, and other indicators of a healthy neighborhood. Setting up in a community that wouldn’t be attracted to such a sport would only end up as a loss. Make sure the audience of your golf property would be interested in it as well.

Risk And Patience

Investing in a golf course will require some time before you gain good returns. It also needs a considerable amount of courage since the risks will be high. Make sure that before investing, you are mentally ready for the problems you’ll face. These problems would include the availability of the land area, the maintenance and the equipment needed for the golf course.

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Strategic Planning

When investing in a golf course, also consider investing in other properties as well, such as real estate. These include packaging it with family homes, resorts, or hotels. By varying your options, you improve your chances of gaining profits. Most of the biggest investors use this standard method.

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Investing in a golf course will be difficult. With the right planning and enough patience, you will improve your chances in creating a profitable business. If you want to know more, don’t miss the next Orlando Golf Industry Show.

Golfing – Psychologist Says It Improves Overall Health And Wellness

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The Mental And Physical Benefits Of Golf

We are all familiar with the sport – Golf. It lets you be one with nature, for it has no standardized playing area. This is done mostly outdoors, and each place for you to play have different sets of terrains and obstacles to challenge you. The game is measured through the lowest number of strokes a player makes to reach the final hole where you have to put in the ball. The harder you throw, the longer the distance the ball will make and the fewer strokes you will have garnered. It is a good exercise, not just for the body, but also for the brain, according to a psychologist.

Golf tournaments are one of the many activities that sports enthusiasts look forward to experiencing. It is considered a sport by the elites and upperclassmen thus very popular. There are many benefits that one could achieve when playing golf. It is more than just a fun and competitive game that you play with other people. As said earlier, this can benefit your overall health, physically and mentally.

In this article, we will be discussing a few benefits of Golf and hopefully will enlighten and motivate you to play as well. Here are some to name a few:

At One With Nature

If you are familiar with Golf, you might see that the area where they play is an open field surrounded by lakes and trees. It’s a refreshing sight compared to the busy streets and overpopulated places in the cities. A study shows that being surrounded by nature can give you peace of mind and much-needed relaxation.

Also, outside activities can certainly alleviate symptoms of Alzheimer’s, dementia, stress, and depression. It can also improve cognitive functions of people, especially those who have breast cancer.

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Social Interaction

Socializing is good for the mind. It helps you practice your social skills and lessen the possibility of social anxiety and even depression. Having surrounded by people you can relate to is an excellent way to let off some steam due to stressful events in life.

Enhancing Concentration

Another benefit of Golf is concentration and focus. Especially in competitions, you need to concentrate so you can hit the ball hard enough to take it far so you would have fewer strokes and win a game. You also use focus, and it is a good exercise for your mind.

Healthy Addiction

Golf is used in patients who suffer from post-traumatic stress and can be a great way of focusing their focus on other things so they won’t develop panic attacks, anxiety, and other mental health diseases. This has been used in clinics to help patients recover fast.

Let’s Get Physical

Golf is a physical activity. You might be wondering how this can help because people playing golf usually stands and swings their arms. But a study shows that walking a full round while carrying a golf bag can burn up to 1,400 calories or more.

Golf is also a sport with the least number of injuries to happen to players. If you are not that into sports because you are scared of getting severe injuries, you can try for Golf.

Playing at least two full rounds of golf can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. A recent study showed that playing Golf alone can add five more years to your life expectancy.

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These benefits are only some to name a few. What we want you to know is that having a physical activity will not only help you get fit and healthy but also have a healthy mind. It is crucial that your mental health is in 100 percent tiptop shape. It’s not easy developing mental health diseases, and the treatment and cure for these are costly.

Also, having a healthy body counts. You only have one body, and it is your responsibility to treat it right. Playing sports can help you become more active and reduce the risks of having severe diseases. This way, you are having a good time while keeping your body as healthy as possible.

Socializing, while playing, is the best therapy. You won’t feel the tiredness from a regular workout routine for you are having a good time. Beautiful views surround you and at the same time, enjoying a little bit of competition while keeping your mind and body fit.

There is no harm in trying out Golf. If it’s not for you, other sports and activities can be socializing, fun, and a helpful way of keeping yourself healthy. Always remember to put yourself first, it is not selfish, and you need to get away from the stress of work from time to time.

Reasons Why Your Therapist Won’t Mind If You Choose To Play Golf Instead Of Trying Other Treatments


For individuals who are about the see a therapist for the first time, they tend to entertain a lot of mythical ideas regarding what goes on in the clinic or how the mental health professional works. For instance, when a guy was asked to describe what he thought his counselor would behave, he said, “The therapist might sit in his or her chair stiffly and start interviewing me about my condition.” Another person had an assumption that therapists merely recommend taking antidepressants and other medication because “that’s how they get to earn more.”

Both premises are downright stereotypical and borderline demeaning, but there’s no way to hide the truth that a few ill-meaning counselors tend to act that way. However, there happens to be a thousand more mental health professionals who maintain a friendly atmosphere in the clinic to be able to connect to their patients faster. Some even exchange their executive desk for a plush sofa so that they can converse with the clients casually.

Furthermore, it is not true that all therapists say, “Take the medicine that your psychiatrist has recommended to you.” Since the effectivity of such drugs remains debatable up to this day, everyone has the liberty to suggest alternative treatment that might allow the patient to heal faster. So, in case you ask your therapist if you can play golf instead of continuing the sessions, it is possible for him or her to agree with your decision whole-heartedly.

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You Need To Do Something That You Love

Have you ever wondered why most individuals who remain in therapy even weeks or months after the supposed ending of the program do so? It is not technically because they believe that the exercises will work at one point if they stick to it. Alternatively, it cannot be because they have too much money laying around, to the extent that it does not bother them if they have to spend thousands of dollars on every ineffective session. A more probable reason is that these people have no clue what other techniques they can try to start the healing process if they leave the therapist’s office. 

Thus, if you tell the mental health professional who is helping you heal that you want to try golfing instead, it indicates that you have found a way to help yourself. It is an activity that you love, so it is impossible for the sport to not work on your advantage.

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Being In Nature Is Ideal

Perhaps one of the many reasons why mental health issues have merely been accepted and openly talked about in the community is that the problem has not been around for centuries. Like cancer and diabetes, depression and anxiety have come to light in the past decades. Some say it’s due to lifestyle choices; others think that not everyone can handle the changes that take place on earth. In truth, when you mention such illnesses in front of senior citizens, they might tell you that they have dealt with more significant, more crippling circumstances than what most of us experience, and still their mental health is excellent.

This kind of commentary makes you think, “What did the oldies do that we no longer do?”

Well, the answer is easy: we do not commune with nature enough. There is a new form of healing called ecotherapy, which practically encourages individuals to stay in a natural environment often to reduce anxiety, stress, and other issues. Since golf is an outdoor sport, you will be able to bask in nature when you play more.

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Golfing Boosts Self-Esteem

If there is one thing that’s missing in mental health patients, that’s self-esteem. A binge-eating individual, for instance, will not feel inclined to eat two pizzas and three buckets of fried chicken from KFC in one sitting if he or she has not allowed others to stress him or her out to that extent. Someone may not acquire depression if he or she has had the strength to fight back and face the incidents or people who have made him or her feel helpless.

Now, playing golf is ideal because it gives you a chance to boost your self-esteem. After all, the club won’t possibly hit the ball and send it flying through the air if you are not confident that the two objects will even make contact. And although being a golfer may not be your innate talent, there are practice tees across the field that you can use to improve your skills. Once you feel like you are getting better at it, you may then join other players with your head up high.

Final Thoughts

Golf is not the primary activity that you might think of when it comes to healing yourself from a mental health issue. However, it can be as effective as any real treatment out there if you put your heart and mind to it.

2015 Portland Golf Show: Tips For Beginners

If you are planning to spend some of your time playing golf with your friends or business partners, then the first thing that you have to remember is the fact that it is not going to be an easy thing to do. It may seem that golf is a simple sport, but the reality is that it can be complicated especially if you are still a beginner. Do not worry because I am going to share some tips that I learned from the 2015 portland golf show.

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As a beginner, it is crucial for you to master these things:

Learn More About Golf

Before you start improving your skills for this course, it is best if you would find time to understand its basic rules. Take note that there are different sets of guidelines for each kind of sport. It can also be helpful to learn the history of golf so that it will be easier for you to understand how it works.

Know The Proper Position

Keep in mind that there is a specific position or stance that may be recommended for every swing you take. Because of this, it is also best if you will spend some of your time practicing or training for the said sports. Familiarize yourself with the correct position as you aim to hit the ball.

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Find Golf Enthusiasts

As already emphasized above, there is no easy way to play golf. Never assume that just because you receive the right amount of training or have learned about sports, everything will be less complicated. Of course, it is still highly recommended if you will find the right golf enthusiasts who will keep your motivation to love golf burning.

Golf is not only a sport, but it can also be a great way to bond with your future business partners. Hence, make an effort to be good at it.

The Basic Rules And Protocols Of Golf

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Before hitting the field to play golf – either for business or for leisure, or just to attend a golf tournament as an onlooker – you’ll need to make sure that you are quite familiar with some of the most important rules and protocols that players and enthusiasts are expected to know. This is especially true if you and your family are golf fanatics, as it would be a waste watching a game together and not knowing what a par is! If you got a naughty golf shot, you must as well be aware of the practices for scoring penalty shots.

Basic Golf Rules

Remembering all the essential dos and don’ts of golf will take forever. If you’re not very meticulous on the field that you play on and your opponent, you may use this list as a starter for the basic rules of golf.


  • Play at a realistic pace. It won’t help if you go very fast or very slow.
  • Pay attention to the one who’s announcing the rules while they’re being laid out and executed by the USGA.
  • Learn to repair ball marks, rake bunkers, and replenish divots
  • As a common rule, the farthest player from the pin should hit first on every shot. Do not forget this or you’ll look silly if you go ahead and hit the ball and you’re first on the line.
  • Be attentive when the next tee comes around. The first to tee off must be the winner of the preceding hole.
  • Take your caddie along with you always.
  • Turn the scorecard in all the time to respect the handicap.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines of the field you are playing.


  • Ask questions to your opponent while playing, especially about the club he hit. It’s not proper at all.
  • Talk or make unnecessary movements while someone is hitting the ball.
  • Walk through the line of your fellow players’ putt.
  • Attempt to hit your ball if the group in front of you has not cleared the area.
  • Be late and let your co-players wait on you. Be on time.
  • Play when there’s lightning in the area.

Ground Rules For Fellow Golf Spectators

Golf protocols aren’t strictly for players only. If you’re watching a golf tournament, you must be aware that fans and spectators should also act in ways that they don’t disrupt the players or other onlookers as well. You won’t go wrong if you observe and follow these basic golf protocol standards.


  • Limit your movements to a minimum, especially when players are about to take a shot.
  • Keep quiet when the game is ongoing.
  • Read and follow the guidelines provided by the club or organization handling the tournament.
  • Wait for the players to putt out before leaving the range for the next tee.
  • Put on rubber shoes, sneakers, or golf shoes without spikes while you’re on the range.
  • Cheer for your favorite player but in an appropriately decent and moderate manner. Golf is not like a football game where players are expected to shout and jump while the game is going on.

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  • Talk loudly on your cell phone while watching a game.
  • Run around and wander through the golf range while the game is ongoing or about to start.
  • Call out your golf idols to ask for their autographs while they’re still within the golf course playing.
  • Capture any pictures during tournaments or any type of competition. Always ask the organizers regarding their ground rules on taking pictures.
  • Clap wildly or criticize a player when he takes a lousy shot.

Scoring Basic Golf Penalty Shots

A bad shot in the game of golf is quite frustrating, but it does happen to even the best and seasoned golfers. The location of the hit and the strategy used makes a huge difference. Read below and learn the basic golf penalty shots along with the corresponding consequence or response.

Penalty                                            Scoring

Unplayable lies. 1-stroke penalty. Drop the ball at a distance of two club lengths from the original area, or drop it as far back from that area. It doesn’t matter as long as you retain the original unplayable lie between the hole and you. Or else you can always return the ball to the spot where you played your first shot.

Out of Bounds. 1-stroke penalty plus additional distance. Do a replay with the ball located on the area where it was played. If not, tee up again if you just had your first shot.

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Water Hazard. 1-stroke penalty.  Target the ball so that it will be as near as possible to the original location where the ball was hit. You may also drop the ball behind the water, only that you keep the point where the original ball crossed the water hazard. There is no restriction as to the distance that the ball can go behind the water hazard.

The details mentioned above are equally advantageous to the beginner golfers and the spectators themselves. These are really simple rules that when followed, will enable one to learn how to socialize. He gets a chance to familiarize oneself of the rules of golf and to the essential dos and don’ts. Get in the game.

Top 5 Golf Courses In The World

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For people who are crazy about golf, they always enjoy playing in spacious well-groomed golf courses where there’s a conventional country club to rest in after the game, a resto where they can talk with their friends about their best swing and a landscape that provides them comfort and edge to show off their favorite moves.

Below we have listed the top five favorite golf courses in the world. This is according to golf enthusiasts in various communities in America. This is also based on professional rankings and reviews gathered online.

5 Favorite Golf Courses In The World

  • Sebonack Golf Club (Southampton, NY)

The seniors of Southampton typically play at Shinnecock Hills because their memberships trace back from their great-grandfathers – the golf course has a rich historical background that they can relate to. However, a new generation of elite golfers has slowly penetrated Sebonack, despite the expensive membership fee of $650,000. This new golf club is located between Shinnecock Hills and the old National Golf Links of America. The quality of the holes and the rich greens are commensurate to the exclusive price. Members swear that you won’t be disappointed to join.

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  • Augusta National (Augusta, GA)

For many years, Augusta National was considered one of the world’s leading golf courses ever since it sponsored the Masters Tournament in 1934. Besides its traditional architecture, the rules of the club have also remained traditional and somewhat discriminatory. It initially did not accept any African American members until 1990, and only accepted women members in 2012. Despite the continuing disapproval of its strict and biased regulations, it has earned its position at the top 5 because of its extraordinary course structure and a rich history of constant course renovations to keep the players eager to go back and play.

  • Royal County Down (North Ireland)

Consistently on the list of the most favorite golf courses is this one located in Northern Ireland. Journalists wrote that the Royal County is as beautiful as the Royal Portrush, although most Irish golfers swear that nothing really compares to it, considering the views of the spectacular seas and oceans and the worldwide popularity of its exquisite run of holes. Locals and tourists alike agree that it’s the best golf course to go to when visiting Ireland.

  • Madison Club (La Quinta, California)

Possibly the most luxurious and exclusive private golf course in the whole of California, the Madison Club is a reflection of class and modernity. Although not a public establishment, it is listed here because of its famed and sought-after amenities, the challenging levels of the course, and the number of professional golfers who swear by it. They say once you try playing at the Madison, you’d never want to play at any other course again.

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  • Address Montgomerie (Dubai)

This Middle Eastern representative is definitely not the least on the list. The Address Montgomerie is nestled at the center of the elegant Emirates Hills, featuring an 18-hole golf course and a 5-star hotel. Both have been dubbed as among the world’s most popular destinations in the world. Golfers and non-golfers alike visit the golf course, as there are as much exciting amenities in the hotel as there are in the golf course itself. Do not miss visiting the Address Montgomerie when you come to Dubai.


There are more top-rated golf courses that have not been included here, only because we can’t fit it all in. We do hope you have enjoyed this brief article. What about you? What do you look for in a golf course? Do you have a favorite golf course and club? Let us know!

Tips To Improve Your Slice (For Right-Handed Golfers)

Golfers will inevitably hit their slice shot.  The more they want to avoid to do so, the farther the ball wants to go right.  If you’re one of thosewho can’t stop the ball swerving to the right, it is time to fix your slice and get rid of your horrible golf shot forever.

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But what is a slice? 

A slice shot is a curvature shot where your golf ball dramatically arches in flight from left to right when you’re a right-handed golfer.   You can do it intentionally, but frequently it is a result of a mishit.  The contour of your slice shot if you’re a right-hand golfer is very much different from that of a left-handed.  Your slice (if you’re right-handed) curves to the right while the left-hander curves to the left.  

What Brings About A Slice? 

A sliced shot can be due to the clubface coming in at impact with the ball in an open position.  It can be caused by swing issues or setup that makes a face to open.  Or it can also be due to the outside-to-inside golf swing that opens the face.  

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How To Prevent A Slice Shot? 

Try the following remedy to make sure that a dreaded slice will not ruin your next golf game.  

  • Be sure not to grip the club with the face in the open position.  Set up making sure your clubface is square, not unless you intentionally wanted to hit your ball that curves right (in a slice or fade shot) or left (draw or hook).  
  • Avoid rotating the club open when making a backswing.  You can do backswing but stop once the club gets parallel to the ground.  Check if the toe of the club is pointing straight up (for it should be).  Remember if it points behind you, that means you have an open clubface. 

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  • Be sure not to set up with an open stance that is your shoulders, hips, feet being aligned left of your target line.  Similar to your clubface, make your stance square.  
  • Be sure that you have a strong and firm grip in the neutral position (turn your hands to the left if you are a right-hander).  

You should permanently correct the position of your clubface and swing path if you want to get rid of that dreadful slice forever.  

Practice Your Backswings

Continue improving your backswings, keeping your left wrist perfectly flat.  Your flat wrist indicates a square clubface at the top.  As mentioned above, making your clubface square increases the chance of making a square impact.  

Enhancing The Link Between Your Brain And Your Left Hand

Majority of golfers are struggling with a slice, but not the left-handed players.  You may wonder if it’s true or why left-handed can do that.  

According to Brian Fitzgerald, popularly knowns as the “The Golf Doctor,” a left-handed golfer whose dominant hand is his right side will pull the club down.  When he pulled the club down, the clubface will point out to the left, which is open and is going to pass on a spin that goes right to the left, which is a slice.  

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Fitzgerald realized that often his ball was always up against a tree.   So, what he did was practice every single week trying to hit some shots upside down with his club.  It was never easy, according to him, because he is right-handed.   

His tips for those struggling with the same situation is to 

  • Brush your teeth left handed.  
  • If you walk your dog, hold the lead in your left hand as you walk.  
  • Throw the ball using your left hand.  
  • Drink from the cup or glass left-handed.  
  • Grab your sandwich with your left hand.

Source: pexels.com

According to him, the goal of doing these things is not to make your left hand stronger, but to improve the link between your brain and your left hand.  

It’s natural that if you’re a right-handed person, the link between your brain and your right hand is stronger compared to your left.  Practicing those things will make it easier to do a perfect slice when you get to the golf course.  

Mindfulness Will Help You Hit A Putt That Drops

Not all people would realize that their mental wellness is benefiting from playing golf.  When I was just about 10, my dad used to tag me along whenever he plays golf with his friends or co-workers.  As we walked the course, he would remind me that golf is not just about being a mental game, but more on improving your mental health if you can employ the appropriate strategies the moment you stepped into the greens.  Unlike basketball or baseball, you are alone in this.  Nobody is there to help you if things don’t go right.  If you begin to doubt yourself and your mind goes against you, you’ll likely to end up losing to your opponent.

Source: pixabay.com

As my dad taught me how to golf, he would remind me often how essential mindfulness is when in the field.   He would always ask me to find my happy thoughts first before I swing in my moves.  Being inspired and focused will help me put my mind on top of my body and hand movements.  

Be Present

To be present is the ability to focus on the task at hand.  Do not let your mind go ahead and leave you behind.  You can never change what had happened on the putt or chip you did a while ago.  But this one in front of you now, this is the shot you’re about to make. Give it your best.   

Get The Ball Into The Hole

Putting your ball into that hole should always be your goal.  Take each turn as your chance, a challenge to get that ball into the hole from where you stand with the lesser number of shots possible.   If it doesn’t go the way you planned, it’s okay.  Accept it as a challenge and focus on your next strategy, like how you can chip your ball this time somewhere near the hole.  Don’t involve yourself too much on that problematic situation.  Never let your mood be ruined by one wrong move. 

Source: pixabay.com

Focus on your goal and stay calm to have a focused and sound mind.  If there are hazards (water or your ball gets into the bush), deem your ball, take your penalty drop.  Go back into that location where you can do your full shot.  

Let Bygones Be Bygones 

Never dwell on your bad shots.  Just let it go.  Anyway, you cannot do anything about it.  It has been done.  Remember Tiger Wood’s “10-yard rule” for his poor shots.   Express your frustrations walking, moving the ball 10 yards, and then forget all about it and then move on.  Time to set your mind on your next blow.  

Bring Your Beast Mode On The Course

Do not give up easily.  Your handicap will assist you.  Bring on that amazing shot.  It would just take one good swing to turn your luck around.  Take it on up to your last putt.

Source: pixabay.com

Be Positive, Pick Your Line, And Stay Focused

There will be those days when the ball may not always be on your side.  Don’t take it on the greens.  Go back.  Always put your eyes on the positive.  Pick a line, putt the golf ball, and let it roll gently along the greens until it goes straight into the hole. 

When out in the greens playing golf, it’s vital to know how to out-think your challenger.  Being in the present will allow you to see the real situation you are in.  You will at one time or another lose your ball or have it land on the penalty area.  When that happens, never lose heart.  Instead, think of your advantages, your handicap, how to take on strategies when your ball got out of bounds.  Learn to play your provisional ball when necessary.

Source: pixabay.com

Being mindful of your every situation as your ball hit the greens will make you think clearly of the rules (the do’s and don’ts, the tricks, and strategies).  Quitting is not one of your options.   Focus, hit your ball where it lies, and see where it gets you.   

Golf, just like any other game, can be considered a game of luck.  But more than chance, it takes skill, effort, and mindfulness to take on the course with much success.

What’s In The News?

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We may be still months away before 2018 ends, but there’s just so many things that are happening in the golf scene.   

Let us recap on some of the recent stories that made it to the headlines.  

PGA Tour On President Trump’s Florida Course

It’s interesting to note that the season-ender PGA Tour Latinoamerica-Shell Championship will take place at Trump National Doral in Miami.  The event will be played from November 29 to December 2.  The news was confirmed by Jack Warfield, the PGA Tour Latinoamerica President.

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

In 2016, PGA Tour was taken out of Trump National Doral and moved to Mexico.  

The tournament will feature the top 60 from the Order of Merit of the tour. 

Laura Davies Tops Senior LPGA Championship 

Just recently, the English woman, Laura Davies, gained her second Senior LPGA Champion title on the senior major of the 2018 season with a 4-shot victory.   She birdied the 18th that made her set a new 54-hole tournament record.  

Davies said that winning the tournament (U.S. Senior Women’s Open) was a genuinely thrilling experience.  She even added that she never thought that she would win, and that’s what makes her earning a real victory.  

This is her second major title after winning the U.S. Senior Women’s Open last July that was organized by USGA.  She indeed triumphs the senior major championship this 2018.

Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Tiger Woods Poor Performance Was Due To Fatigue

Tiger Woods lost the game at Le Golf National.  He blamed his poor performance on fatigue as he just returned from his fourth back surgery.  He had won his 80th PGA Tour (Tour Championship) the previous week, and the Ryder Cup was the fifth tourney he had in six weeks, having played in four FedEx Cup Playoff match.  

In an interview, Tiger said that he was tired because he was not able to train to play for this much-awaited tournament; not to mention, the heat, his feeling fatigued, and weight loss.  

Tiger indeed looks tired but did put forth effort playing in the Le Golf National.  

Restart A Heart Day 

Barry Duxbury, 78, hit his straight drive down Parley Golf Center in Bournemouth when he had cardiac arrest and collapsed.  

David Price, who was just behind him getting prepared to hit his drive, rushed up to help Barry.  Seeing Barry faced down on the ground along with their playing partner, he administered CPR.  Luckily, David had just completed a British Heart Foundation Heartstart course weeks earlier.  

Just 15 minutes after, the ambulance arrived and made sure that Barry is in the stabilized state.  

Since that incident, Barry slowed down on the course.  Now, he is swinging his club better, playing intelligently, and he donated a defibrillator to the club.  

This incident shows how important CPR is. British Heart Foundation then continue their campaign “Restart A Heart Day” on October 16, 2018, and is to teach 200 thousand people about CPR and how to carry it out to have the confidence to administer it when someone near suffers a cardiac arrest.  

Tiger Woods Is Back And Is Dominating The Headlines Once More

Tiger Woods and his legion of fans are indeed delighted and celebrating after he claimed his first win after five years at the Tour Championship last September 24.  He made it in the season finale with a two-shot victory.   He never thought he would be able to make it after having undergone eight surgeries, four to his left knee and four to his back.

Source: pixabay.com

Woods is considered one of the top moneymaker athletes (individual sports) of all time, 16th highest paid in the world according to Forbes.  This 42-year-old golfer has a net worth of $740 million in 2016. 

Brooke Henderson Got Frustrated, Smashed Club In Half

During Women’s PGA Championship, Brooke Henderson messed the par-5 11th hole as she hit a chip which went long of the tunnel.  The incident got her frustrated that she smashed her club close to the caddie who almost got injured.  The result, she finished in the sixth place.  


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